Terry Ogburn

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Greater work-life balance

Learn how to achieve a better work­life balance so you will be more effective at work and have more time to spend on your most important relationships.

Greater focus

Learn strategies on how to enhance your focus so that you will improve your productivity and capture bigger opportunities.

Greater Enjoyment

Learn how to feel clear and confident about how you use your time so that you will have greater achievement, less stress, and more focus on the things that matter most.

Greater Productivity

Learn strategies on how to clarify your goals and priorities for your most important tasks so that you will achieve bigger and better results.


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Many have experienced the benefits

“I've known and worked with Terry for several years and I am always impressed with how on top of his game he is. In his webinar, “Prioritizing for Success”, he generously shares valuable information that aids me with powerful thinking to run my business and my life more successfully. I’m grateful to know how important it is to focus my energy for every hour of every day. His unique system constantly takes me to the next level allowing me to achieve a better quality of life!”
"Time is an irreplaceable asset. It is more valuable than money, especially in today’s fast-paced, overly-competitive business world and I am just so grateful that Terry was able to clearly impart to me how to value time and be more organized with my priorities. Terry's webinar has helped me realized on the areas that I need to improve to be more productive. Applying the things he taught me has given me better control of my life."

Frequently asked questions

The webinar will approximately last for an hour.

We will automatically send the materials in preparation for the webinar.

As much as possible, we would like to limit the participants to seven (7) since we are intending this to be more like a focus group discussion.

We will be using Zoom as the platform for the webinar.

A workbook will be sent to the participants so they can practice what they have learned. They will also be given a chance to schedule a free one hour exclusive meeting and consultation with Terry.

Due to a limited number of seats for the webinar, Terry will have enough time to spend an hour with every participant.

Do you have other concerns? Contact us today!