Be the Best

If you want to reach the stars in your career, you must become excellent at what you do. You have to pay any price, go any distance and spend any amount of time necessary to “Be the Best.” Extraordinary rewards only go for extraordinary performance; average rewards for average performance; below average rewards, insecurity and failure for below average performance. And here is a

vital key you are being paid today exactly what you are worth, no more, no less. If you want to earn more, you must increase your worth and your value to others.

It is, not what you have but what you do with what you have that will Determine your Success. Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist said the story of the human race is the story of people selling themselves way to short. He said people have a tendency to settle for far less from life than they are truly capable of. Many people are spinning their wheels in careers where they should be moving rapidly onward and upward. Here is how you may put your career on the fast track.

Someone once said the key to success was to choose your parents carefully. That may be partially true but it is even more important to choose your job or career with great care. The choice of a job or occupation for which you are ideally suited comes before anything else. If you try to work at something you do not enjoy or do not believe in, you will never be happy and never be successful.

The reason why choosing the right career, why doing what you love to do is so important, is because unless you really care about your work, you will never be motivated to persist at it until you become excellent. And until you become excellent at what you are doing, you cannot move ahead.

The antidote to these fears is the development of courage, character and self-esteem. The opposite of fear is actually love, self love and self respect. Acting with courage in a fearful situation is simply a technique that boosts our regard for ourselves to such a degree that our fears subside and lose their ability to effect our behavior and our decisions.

Here are two things you may do to be more successful in your career.

First, set high standards for yourself and recognize that anything that someone else has achieved, you can achieve as well. There are no limits. Then select one key skill area that is important in your job and resolve to become absolutely excellent in this area. Start today to get better and better.

“Remember, Success is Always Within Reach”