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Internet Marketing Guru

Letting the new brand show off!

Terry helped Lee on his new brand, Chief Web Officers. He was able to support the business in re-orchestrating its management structures and functions. Since they’ve worked with Terry from planning up to implementation, they feel empowered and advanced in business!


CEO of Connected Investors

Apparent passion on everything he does.

Terry has shown his passion and dedication in helping businesses by working with them closely on the operational procedures. Such assistance was experienced by Ross Hamilton when he worked with Terry for six months. Terry helped Ross in restructuring his business by modifying his business plan, policies, procedures, and anything that would enhance the checks and balances of the business.


Entrepreneur Husband and Wife Team

Working closely to excel!

Justin and Chaunna have dramatically experienced Terry’s helped by working closely with him for three months. Their implementation of Terry’s system and processes have made the business soar high and their income have drastically increased. In this video they said that their revenue for the year has gone tripled because of Terry’s help!


Entrepreneur and Investor: Real Estate

Equipping through coaching.

Stefan has personally experienced Terry’s support by coaching him an hour a week. He shared that his weekly meetings with Terry has made him a better equipped person in running his business. For the people out there who want to scale up their business, Stephan highly recommends that you take Terry’s coaching program.


Web Designer

Getting everything organized.

Terry helped David in having all his stuff organized. Working for three years with him, David has a lot to share on how his mindset in business has transformed and his skill as an entrepreneur enhanced. Let’s listen to his experience.


Revenue Enhancement Coach

The coach of some coach.

Dave as a coach got coached by Terry. Through his guidance, Dave got back on track to his zeal and purpose as an entrepreneur.  He has become more focused on everything he does now.


Company Employee

Organizing business processes and activities.

Samantha was able to see the big difference in their company after they have implemented all that Terry taught to them. She’s seen that everything has already been organized and even other business have commended on their good practices. All of the changes in business that they’ve done because of Terry’s teachings and guidance have really brought them a notch higher in business.