We work hard in developing systems and strategies to help make your business a success. Below you will find the core of our services, but if you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us and we can discuss a custom plan.

Public Speaking

Business Development Guru, Terry Ogburn, is available for speaking engagements of any size. If you’re in search of a motivational speaker, enthusiasts, inspirational speaker to engage and participate in your event for any cause, do please contact our office and we will work your event into his schedule.

For pricing and booking inquiries, please fill contact form for a prompt reply. We prefer advance notice but if an emergency fill-in speaker is what you’re in need for, we can see about accommodating your needs with priority.

Development Plans

Terry Ogburn business plan consultants possess real-world entrepreneurial experience and have been in your shoes before. From starting-up, growing, financing and selling businesses; let our hindsight be your foresight. We have a dynamic team of the most experienced and talented business planning professionals in the industry. At Terry Ogburn, we not only develop your plan, we will educate you on how to effectively use it as a tool to raise capital and advance your business.

Please inquire through our contact area and we will be glad to sit with you 1 on 1 and discuss your options as well as provide a quote to suit your individual needs.

Development Programs‚Äč


The size of your company or employee list does not have to hinder your performance, PnL or profit margin. Allow Terry Ogburn to coach you through a unique and fool proof system that will increase productivity, performance, ROI, and any and all aspects of your business life. It costs you more not to use our services!


There can be many headaches in the corporate environment, but there are ten times as many opportunities to thrive. There is one thing for sure, whether youre a Fortune 500 Company or a small business success boils down to one main asset, people.

People are at the very root of success or failure and they are the driving force in everything that happens in a company.

Ultimately, there is no greater way to increase the bottom-line than through growing your team. And, its not just about developing their business skills. The results your company will produce by improving the whole person and their soft skills will far greater exceed the natural limitations of focusing on a persons hard skills. Not only that, but the companys morale will slowly begin to improve as your employees notice something better and different is happening.


As executive coaches we are hired either by a company or an individual. Other times, an executive wants to improve their performance because they feel they need that promotion or they genuinely want to improve their leadership skills, so they come to us on their own.

Either way, the approach to executive coaching is the same, to improve individual leadership performance.

In an ever growing competitive world, executive coaching is a sound solution that is taking the business world by storm.


The train doesn’t have to stop at just mid-level employees. Let us reach right to the top of the totem pole and increase awareness to the leaders of your organization. Allow us to produce results from the very top all the way down for an overall cohesive professional environment which will allow that competitive edge you sure thirst for.

Lazy communication kills organizations and will cause any organization to hit a wall and limit the possibilities for performance. When specific structures, attitudes, along with integrity are implemented possibilities for results are endless. Let us train your leaders to go from being average or good to being extraordinary.