No Buffers​

Selling is one of the toughest jobs in the world. There are No Buffers between you and the reality of daily difficulties, delays and disappointments. You often ride an emotional roller coaster, up and down, that never seems to stop. You are all alone.

Like a front line soldier, we must get ourselves up every day and go out to where the bullets of rejection fly. We must continually deal with the possibility that all of our sales efforts could turn out to be in vain through no fault of our own. And we must keep on going in spite of this because our profession of selling requires it.


Selling is hard work. It always has and it always will be. Even for the best and most experienced salespeople, it is a continual effort. We may make it easier by developing our skills in the critical areas of prospecting, presenting and closing sales, but we can never make selling an easy profession. However, once we accept selling is a hard way to make a living, it somehow becomes a little easier. When we stop expecting it to be something other than it is, much of the stress of selling goes out of it.

Selling is also a wonderful profession. Our potential earnings are beyond what ninety five percent of the world’s population could ever hope for or expect. Because selling is difficult, our activities are valuable and important and they have to pay us very well for carrying them out. As we move to the top of our field, we may earn more than a person with ten or twelve years of university education. We may eventually become financially independent. Fully five percent of self made millionaires in America are salespeople who do their jobs extremely well.

As a salesperson, the reason we can make a wonderful living for ourselves and our family, achieve our goals and fulfill all of our aspirations, is because making the sale is difficult, and often, extremely difficult. And the longer the sales cycle, or the larger the dollar amount involved, the more that businesses have to pay salespeople to do the work. When we are selling complicated or expensive products in a highly competitive market, and we do it well, we will become one of the highest paid people in our field, if not the world.

You should get up every morning and give a silent prayer of thanks that selling is so difficult. If it was easy, the field would be flooded by amateurs and the amount you could earn would be greatly reduced. But because it is hellishly hard, by becoming very good at it, your future can be unlimited!

Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action. First, dedicate yourself to getting better and better at selling. The better you get at selling and closing, the easier and more enjoyable it is. Then be grateful that selling is a tough job. It keeps the weaklings and the mediocre out of the field and enables you to be even more successful.

“Remember, Success is Always Within Reach”

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