Strong Personal Brand

Just as surely as building a powerful brand is the key to differentiating our product or service in the marketplace and thus building a successful business. Creating a Strong Personal Brand is also important in differentiating ourselves from our competitors, thereby ensuring our own success as well as that of our business. Our personal brand determines how people will respond, whether they will listen, how much they will buy and what they are willing to pay for our product or service.

Our personal brand makes a promise: “If you buy from me, you will receive a specific value in return.” This promised value will be born from the values, virtues, qualities, and attributes by which you will become known. For example, you may want to create a personal image of a person who always operates at a high level of integrity, consistently walks the talk, is an exemplary business leader, and goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Who is your ideal customer? What values, virtues, qualities, and attributes will they be looking for in a supplier of your product or service? Do you match this profile? If not, do you have a burning desire to be this kind of person? These are the key questions you must ask yourself when beginning to build your personal brand.

Expectations are the arch enemy of any relationship. This is no less true in the relationship between us and our customers. Our brand as a person is determined in large part by whether we consistently deliver on our promises. Do we keep our word? Do we follow up? Do our words and actions match with the image we want to create that is, with the values, virtues, qualities, and attributes we claim as our own? Constantly examine your behavior. When we slip, resolve to get back on track. To build and sustain a powerful personal brand, our message must be an accurate reflection on us.

Pay close attention to your entire image. Of course, our character is of paramount importance. But we make an impact on people in other ways as well. Our appearance, the clothes we wear, our personal grooming, even our posture has an enormous emotional impact on how other people see , think about, and relate to us. Our attitude is vital. If we are genuinely pleasant and cheerful with our interaction with others, they will enjoy being with us. They will be more inclined to trust and do business with us.

Our overall behavior strongly influences the impressions others have on us. Be punctual for meetings and appointments. Be absolutely reliable, always keeping your word and your commitments. Should you fail in this area, communicate with the other person as quickly as possible, offering your apology, explanation, and assurance it will not happen again. Pay close attention to the quality of our work. In the long run, there is nothing that will so determine our success in building and sustaining a powerful personal brand as turning out high quality work, over and over again, and over a long period of time.

“Remember, Success is always Within Reach”

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