Law of Indirect Effort

Motivational leadership is based on the Law of Indirect Effort. According to this law, most things in life are achieved more easily by indirect means than they are by direct means.

You become a leader to others by demonstrating you have the qualities of leadership rather than ordering others to follow your directions. Instead of trying to get people to emulate you, you concentrate on living a life that is so admirable that others want to be like you without your saying a word.

Perhaps the most powerful motivational leader is the person who practices what is called servant leadership. Confucius said, “He who would be master must be servant of all.” The person who sees themselves as a servant to others and who does everything possible to help them perform at their best is practicing the highest form of servant leadership.

Today’s leaders are the ones who ask questions, listen carefully, plan diligently, and then build consensus among all those who are necessary for achieving the goals. The leader does not try to do it all alone. The leader gets things done by helping others do them.

The following are important qualities of motivational leaders. These are qualities you should already have to a certain degree and that you may develop to further stand out from the people around you in a very short period of time.

The first quality is vision. This is the only single quality that, more than anything separates leaders from followers. Leaders have vision. Followers do not. Leaders have the ability to stand back and see the big picture. Leaders have developed the ability to fix their eyes on the horizon and see greater possibilities.

The best way for you to motivate others is to be motivated yourself. The fastest way to get others excited about a project is to get excited ourselves. The way to get others committed to achieving a goal or a result is to be totally committed ourself. The way to build loyalty to your organization, and to other people, is to be an example of loyalty in everything you say and do.

One requirement of leaders is the ability to choose an area of excellence. Just as a good general chooses the terrain on which to do battle, an excellent leader chooses the area in which he and others are going to do an outstanding job. The commitment to excellence is one of the most powerful of all motivators. All leaders who effect change in people and organizations are enthusiastic about achieving excellence in a particular area.

Try a new attitude toward your employees; show up every morning and be positive and cheerful. If you are motivated, your attitude will rub off on your employees and they will work more efficiently.

“Remember, Success is Always Within Reach”

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