Physical and Mental Capital

Our most valuable asset, in terms of cash flow, will be our Physical and Mental Capital, in other words our earning ability.

We may not even be aware that, unless we are already wealthy, our ability to work is the most valuable asset that we have. By utilizing our earning ability to its fullest, we may bring thousands of dollars each year into our life. By applying our earning ability to the production of valuable goods and services, we can generate sufficient money to pay for all the things that we want in life. The amount of money that we are paid today is a direct measure of the extent to which we have developed our earning ability so far.

The first corollary of the Law of Capital says: “Our most precious resource is our time.” Our time is really all we have to sell. How much time we put in and how much of ourselves we put into that time largely determines our earning ability. Poor time management is one of the major reasons for poor productivity and underachievement in every industry in America. It is the number one problem for both managers and salespeople in every field.

The second corollary of the Law of Capital says: “Time and money can be either spent or invested.” One of the smartest things we may do is to invest three percent of our earnings every month back into ourselves on personal and professional development, on becoming better at the most important things we do. In fact, if we just invested as much in our mind each year as you do in our car, that alone could make us wealthy.

Learn to invest one hour of our time reading in our field every day. Listen to audio programs in our car. Attend every course that may advance us in our career. Get personal and professional coaching to help us to get the very best out of ourselves. Then watch what happens to your earning ability.

There is nothing that will give us a bigger and better “bang” for our buck than reinvesting a part of our time and money back into our capability to earn even more. All wealthy and successful Americans have learned this sooner or later, and all poor and unhappy Americans are still trying to figure it out.

The third corollary of the Law of Capital says: “One of the best investments of our time and money is to increase our earning ability.”

The purpose of corporate strategic planning is to increase “return on equity” or ROE. This requires organizing and reorganizing corporate activities so that the company is earning a higher return on the capital invested in the organization. In our work life, our personal equity is our mental and emotional capital. Our job then is to earn the highest possible return on our human capital, to increase our “return on energy.” This way of viewing ourselves must become a key part of our attitude throughout our work life.

“Remember, Success is Always Within Reach”

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